Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Distressing Techniques without Distress Inks - Technique 1: Sand Paper

Heya peeps!

What fun distressing paper looks like! So I decided to do some research of my own. I went through loads of blogs and tutorials showing how to distress paper using distress inks and yadi yadi. I kept on looking till I found A cherry on top. This blog here showed some interesting distressing techniques, both with and without distress inks. As a budget crafter, it struck my fancy. So I decided to try out the budget techniques for distressing paper and archiving them all together with my experiences.

For this first technique, you will require:

  • Sand paper (medium coarse)
  • Cardstock
I applied this two different ways. First, I took a piece of cardstock and distressed the edges. this is done by sanding right at the edges of the paper.

The right side is not distressed. The left side shows the distressed edges. works *wink*

The second, I sanded the entire face of the project I was working on.

Before Sanding
After Sanding

After sanding, the paper felt coarse and the texture became more pronounced. Works too *smiles*

Here is the completed project (I just had to!)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons...Life Lesson

Heya peeps!

Haven't been around for a while. But that's because life gave me LEMONS...very sour ones. It's a lot to take in when people lie to you and be good to your face but in reality, they don't even like to see your face?! Here come in the manipulators. And here you are trying to be miss goody two-shoes, wanting world peace *spits*

It only works out in fairy tales doesn't it? Only in fairy tales there is a happily ever after. Reality check: happily ever after comes only if you numb yourself and detach yourself emotionally. Ok, enough negativity for today. Let me go find some sugar for these lemons now.