Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Craft Haul 2014

Heya peeps!

So i went craft shopping over the weekend and had the best fun in days! I decided to update my craft supplies and here I am with this multitude of goodies  in just about $40!

After much search to find craft punches in Pakistan which I could actually see and hold in my hand, punch and check before buying. I finally found them at #ParasArtFever (It's one of the major art and craft supply stores in Karachi). I never knew Paras had an underground but i finally went in its basement for the very first time and wasn't prepared for the craft beauty before me! So, I bought four punches. They are not of any particular brand but they were a good buy.

I bought an intricate corner punch ($5), a flower cutout ($6), a floral fantasy punch ($6) and a border punch ($4). Not only do they punch, they also emboss! So that's $21. Almost the price of ONE punch from a branded store in the US!

I also searched the local craft market and found some more goodies. I bought a Hana-Ami Floral Loom. It's original price (if you buy from #Clover's) is $18 while I bought mine for just $8!

It comes in this compact box and has six different looms! The flower you see in the picture above was my second attempt on the loom.

And here is my first attempt at floral looming! Yaaay!

I also bought a Pom-pom maker which is available at clovers for about $11 and I bought mine for $8. It comes with a set of 4 diameters and makes wonderful pom-poms. Just as good as an expensive pom-pom maker tool. 

Then I bought some knick-knacks as I needed new color pencils so I bought watercolor pencils as well (winks), some water colors, some glass paints, some block-printing stamps, some ribbon and popsicle sticks.

Happy crafting y'all!

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