Thursday, June 27, 2013

Clear the Clutter or Clutter Away?

What's crafting without some mess? The dilemma of every crafter is how to stay organized during a project(s). This becomes a major issue, especially when you have a small space/studio. For small spaces, things must always stay organized for convenient storage and retrieval during and after projects.

Working on a budget? A tight budget? Don't worry! Here are some tips for the budget-crafter:

  • Keep your stationary organized-ALWAYS. Have old/broken cups and glasses? Use your creativity to convert them into masterpieces. Here's a good way to recycle tissue rolls by Craft Passion:

         How cute would it be to have coordinating holders to keep all your stationary categorically?!

  • Old shoeboxes are your best friends to organize knick-knacks and ribbons! Here's what I made while crafting with kids:
You may get a variety of sizes and do all kinds of crazy stuff....let your mind free and see what great things unfold!

  • Finished that jar of jelly? Don't throw it away yet! Glitter em, paint em, cover em..make em your storage tool! Fill them with glue, beads, buttons, pins and other knick-knacks
Won't these look so colorful on your desk?

That's all for now. I have some tutorials on my mind. Will do them soon!

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