Thursday, July 11, 2013

T-shirt Jewelry? Yes Please!

Have a favorite t-shirt that's worn out? Don't want to throw it away? Don't worry! Heres a great way to upcycle your old t-shirts and guess what? No one will know! Wear your favorite t-shirt as a necklace or bracelet. Heres one I made for my little cousin:

and we made a matching bracelet too!

Here's what you need:

  • your favorite t-shirt of course
  • a needle and matching thread
  • glue (UHU or fabric glue)
  • Scissors
For the necklace strings, take your t-shirt and cut off the bottom hem. But wait! Do NOT throw it away! (Hem upcycle tutorial soon) Cut off 1-inch strips. The more strips, the thicker the necklace so cut away...snip snip. Now that you have your strips, hold the two ends and stretch your arms as wide as you can. You will notice a tubular string forming. This will form your necklace.Add as many strings as you want, depending on the thickness you want and stitch all the ends together. To neaten the necklace, cut out a rectangular piece of t-shirt and wrap around the stitched edges. Stitch this in place. Now, to cover this, we will make an elegant t-shirt flower.

To make the flower, take your t-shirt (contrasting color preferred) and cut out 5-petal flowers. We will need nine such flowers.

Next, take a flower and fold it in half.
Then fold it in half again. you will end up with something like this. 
Place a dot of glue in the center of the fold near the pointed edge. Do this for eight of the flower petals. Next, cut out a small circle from the fabric and place four of the petals (pointed edges approximately in the center of the circle).

Start the second layer by placing a petal on top of the center of two petals as shown:
For the centre of the flower, take a petal and fold it in half.

Then roll it up and glue the edge.

Hold it to the center of the flower. Since it will be longer than the height of the rest of the petals when you hold them up, we will need to cut the bottom of the center to get the correct height.

Then, stick it to the center of the flower.

Now, to form your flower, apply glue dots to each petal on the top layer.

Next, grab the layer of petals and pinch towards the center.

You will end up with a pretty flower!

Attach it to the rectangular piece and you are done!

Let me know of any queries =)

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