Thursday, July 18, 2013

Crafting....A Safe Haven?

So true when it comes to artists and crafters. However, I would add that "he who works with his hands and his head and his heart is a crafter." Agree or not? I would say affirmative! Many would not understand this. But us crafters relate to this addendum ;)

I have come across in situations where people ask me: "what are you going to do with this garbage?" I say to them: "well, create great works of art, of course!" And they say "say wha-at?" Mhmm ( Queen Latifah style). Crafting does not mean buying expensive material and making amazing products. a True crafter would grab them scraps and reuse and recycle in ways unfathomable to an (ahem) ordinary person (no offenses). This is real crafting. 
Ruffle flowers from fabric scraps

For me, crafting is my world (second to my husband). It is my safe haven. A place I go to for respite in times of hardships. Crafting boosts my motivation, my self-confidence. Crafting is what defines me. Crafting is not merely transmuting vision to product. It is a journey. A journey towards self-fulfillment. A journey that may or may not be lucrative but it is a journey still that is productive and constructive.

Thus, crafting is a safe haven. It is something that brings peace and tranquility in chaos; where hardships seem like little specks; where problems fade away. Although it requires the mind, it also requires the body and soul. The soul needs, the mind responds and the body acts. It is so beautiful that even the loneliest of moments are not lonely. The whole world becomes a canvas to the imagination (Thoreau).

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