Friday, August 22, 2014

Revamping Boring, Uncoordinated, Boring Pencil Holders

Okiiiii.......I had this assortment of pen holders that I was just bored out of my mind with:

I had about five, may be more, and I really needed to get organized in a fun, upbeat way. A little research online on craft room organization was enough to get me motivated for this project. I decided to do away with the cuboid shaped holders that I had and replaced them with cylinders for uniformity (well, yeah...I am that way). I have been collecting discarded tin cans and cardboard cans for a while and decided to recycle, or rather, upcyle them into craft room beauties. The best thing about this project? I don't have to worry about spending a lot of money. All of these would have been going in the trash anyway (of course, I am their savior :P)

I searched in my bag of goodies for some nice, brightly colored banarsi fabric scraps. Although some of it is expensive banarsi, I need not worry about the cost as these are all remnants of my mother's designing escapedes and she is nice enough to save all the scraps for me. And need I say I love her for that? :)

I coordinated my cans by mixing some bright and dark colors to see how I would like the arrangement and colors on my desk.

After I pasted the fabric, making sure I have neat edges at the bottom and on the top, this was the result:

Now my pen holders are a nice complement to my "create" sign:

As soon as I got done with this, I wanted to do more...maybe revamp my storage boxes? Let's see...

Until next time.....Toodles!

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