Friday, September 19, 2014

Grandma's Pickle Jar Revival


Ok, so remember how in the old days, our grandmummies used to make homemade pickle and stored them in large jars such as these ones? They are still found in use by some of the street vendors we have around town. Every time I see em, I think up of all the ways they may be revived and become pieces of art!

My grandma, who greatly appreciates this passion of mine, was gracious enough to hand me these mismatched array of jars while she was spring cleaning. Presto! I had an upcycle project in my hands! My goal was simple: to re-invent these jars into showpieces, which could then be distributed as keepsakes for my aunts. Thus, I set to work on these little babies: cleaning them and decorating them. I chose for a bohemian look for these vases to keep their originality and vintage-feel, but the design elements so random that they would make a nice fit anywhere!

Here are some of the best ones:

Hope these bring some inspiration for you guys! If you have undergone a similar project, feel free to post pictures of your upcycled goodies!

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